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Patient Navigator LLC
Elisabeth Schuler Russell and Karen Zorrilla, MD

Washington D.C., Virginia and Maryland. Services also available nationwide.

Patient Navigator LLC is a full-service patient advocacy firm serving the Washington. D.C. area since 2004 as well as clients throughout the United States.
Patient Navigator LLC
Elisabeth Schuler Russell and Karen Zorrilla, MD

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Services we offer:
  • Background Research: Diagnosis, Medical Records, Treatment Options and more
  • Geriatric / Eldercare or Home Health Services
  • Hospital Bedside, or Travel / Accompaniment to Appointments
  • Integrative, Holistic, Complementary and Alternative Therapies
  • Mediation (Helping families manage health-related disagreements)
  • Medical / Navigational Assistance (Helping you work with your medical providers.)
  • Mental Health and Substance Abuse Assistance
  • Pain Management
  • Caregiver Support

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Patient Navigator can help you when...

• You need an advocate to solve problems, conquer the medical maze and develop your roadmap to recovery.

• You have been shuttled between specialists who don’t listen to you, speak to each other, research your problems or diagnose you properly.

• You or a loved one have been recently diagnosed with a serious illness and you need good information quickly.

• You want a navigator dedicated to coordinating your medical care, getting you the help you need and working with your family.

Our founder Elisabeth Schuler Russell is the Past President of the National Association of Healthcare Advocacy Consultants. Elisabeth has been trained as CancerGuides® in integrative oncology and mind-body medicine by the Center for Mind-Body in Washington D.C. She is a Certified Senior Advisor®.

Karen Zorrilla, M.D. joined our team in 2011. Dr. Zorrilla specializes in medical and medication records review, in-depth clinical research and differential diagnosis. She works with patients with complicated medical histories who have had trouble finding the right diagnosis and doctors. Dr. Zorrilla’s concise medical summaries have been praised by many physicians because they capture in one document what might otherwise be buried in hundreds of pages of medical records.

She is joined by our Director of Medical Research Dave Schlosser who produces detailed, well-sourced clinical research reports to help our clients understand their condition, assess their options and make good decisions.

Leslie Sullivan is our Northern Virginia/Washington D.C. advocate who provides case management and other services.

Together, the Patient Navigator team brings together a broad and deep range of experience and compassion to its clients.

Sometimes one phone call can make all the difference. Please don’t hesitate, call today for a complimentary consultation.


Patient Navigator has been invaluable in educating our family and providing information about possible treatment/clinical trials for my son's highly aggressive brain cancer.
-- Anne, Chevy Chase, MD

For several months after my father was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, I entrenched myself in medical research and sought out the foremost doctors/experts for guidance and treatment options. While I consider myself a skilled and organized researcher, the sheer mass of information and web of contacts and courses of action was overwhelming. Candidly, we also struggled working with some doctors, who sometimes did not seem wholly invested in our case or only spoke to us of options at their institution. Several months ago, we contacted Patient Navigator. We thank Dave so much for playing this critical and essential role. He has been an impartial, trusted and honest advisor in evaluating treatment options. Dave helped interpret medical specifics and counseled us transparently on various benefits and drawbacks. Most beneficially, he was able to provide clear facts and efficacy results, beyond what we could find ourselves in trial briefs, through his access to additional studies, journals and investigations. In a world of difficult and imperfect decisions, Dave gave us a confidence that we were making the best, most wholly informed one. And that is something for which we are eternally grateful. Moreover, Dave and the entire team are professional and genuinely caring.
-- Greg, New City

We appreciated your help, insight, and concern over the Fall. I’m pleased we found our way to you folks. You provide valuable support, objectivity, and assistance in a very stressful and difficult time.
-- Jeremy, Lafayette

After twenty years of battling chronic pain, I was desperate for someone to help me. My husband provided enormous support, but he could not be my "advocate." Once Elisabeth took my case, she and Karen quickly organized my piles of medical documents and identified key medical providers. On a very personal level, Elisabeth would go with me to doctor appointments when I was in too much pain to be a "good patient." She made sure the medical providers understood what I needed and we did not leave until I got relief. Having Karen on staff also proved invaluable. Doctors would talk to her as a colleague instead of dismissing me as "just another patient." I cannot imagine where I would be now if I had not worked with them.
-- Diana, Arlington, VA

Once in a health crisis most people get the advice “you have to be your own #1 advocate”. Until you are fully immersed in the health system and a situation that requires it no one really understands the importance of that advice. Quickly the information available, professional opinions provided and systems to navigate can put someone untrained in the health industry far outside of their comfort zone. Yet you are still required to make very serious decisions that impact life and the quality of it. The Patient Navigator team gave us the confidence to make the decisions required and set our treatment direction. The team also relived the worry of dealing with the insurance company, which is the first burden everyone should shed when in a health crisis. We have our family and a great team of doctors, for us Patient Navigator filled the last leg on the proverbial three-legged stool.
-- John, Leesburg, VA

Elisabeth has created a remarkable organization. Her small group of experts have improved my life in remarkable ways, saving me thousands of dollars and finding the very best medical help. Elisabeth coordinates my medical care, while offering much-needed emotional support. She has been a guiding light at a critical time in my life.
-- Elsa, Washington

I credit Dave's diligence and remarkable research skills with finding the very best doctor and hospital for complicated medical condition. He pursued options until he found the very best, always keeping in touch with me. Thanks, Dave!
-- Elsa, Washington

After 12 years of dealing with chronic pain in one eye, which by the way, forced me into early retirement, I was misdiagnosed and had unnecessary treatment as well as physically, financially & emotionally draining. Finally, I got LUCKY because I contacted Patient Navigator. I found both Elisabeth and Karen to be extremely intuitive, compassionate and competent. After looking over my medical records they agreed that I had a MEDICAL MYSTERY. They found a Neurosurgeon who was able to give me a correct diagnosis. Finally, He's currently trying surgical interventions to help resolve my pain. Chronic pain sucks. I am glad I found Elisabeth and Karen.
-- Debby, Tamarac

I cannot tell you how grateful we are because the people at Patient Navigator sent us down the right path. You guys are great. Nobody listened to us but you. It is amazing that you and only you, were able to solve this mystery. Without you we would be lost and wondering what is wrong with my wife forever. It really is amazing, Thank you!
-- Doug, Huntingtin Woods

I can not thank enough Rick Pugach and Elisabeth Schuler for helping me get my health insurance retroactively reinstated just in time for my Gallbladder surgery within 24 hours of their efforts. I had spent a hours on the phone and faxing my insurance company with little results. Now I'm back on track!
-- Elizabeth, Washington DC

I write as a chronic pain patient's spouse. After many years of pursuing one treatment after another, it became difficult for my spouse and I to have a rational discussion about her needs. Elisabeth and her staff were valuable in helping us move forward calmly, at a time when my wife needed to hear it from someone other than me. Also, their advice and research was sound and reasonable.
-- Robert, Arlington

Most likely if you're on this site, you're like I was, frustrated and desperate. Even though I work in the medical industry and can maneuvre through it with relative ease, and I'm good at research, I couldn't get anyone to address my problem of memory loss. Dr Zorrilla & Elisabeth were lifesavers. They researched for me when I no longer could. They got me in with doctors that I wouldn't have ever found, and most importantly they treated me like I was a real person while finally getting me the correct diagnosis. I'm certain that they saved my life. I figure at best, by myself, it would have taken me 5 more years to get the correct diagnosis, but most likely it would have never happened. I trusted them with my life and it paid off. These people are amazing. If you'd like to email me in order to ask me questions from the patient's perspective, you can get my address from Elisabeth, but just so you know up front, there is not one bad thing I can say about the Patient Navigator team.
-- Katreena, Washington DC

I was referred to the services of Elisabeth Russell for assistance in navigating with our medical providers in bill reviewing and negotiation in reducing the amounts billed by the providers due to the hardship that it created for us and reasonableness of the billing especially with the ambulance services. Elisabeth was exceptionally skilled, knowledgeable and professional in her negotiations. She is highly recommended by me in any services that she provides. Thank you Elisabeth!
-- Iris, Albertville, MN

My husband has brain cancer and did not respond to standard of care. The only option was a clinical trial, but we could not find our way through the dozens (or hundreds) of options. (And we're well educated.) Elisabeth Russell and Dave Schlosser helped us organize the search, understand the options, and push through until we found one that -- we hope -- offers a good possibility. We would not have found it ourselves. They have excellent contacts, and are knowledgeable, professional, and kind. They helped us stay positive, as well as push forward to find treatment. We will keep them as part of our health care team. Thank you.
-- Paula, Arlington, VA

Elisabeth determined my specific needs and evaluated my options in a professional way. Her recommendations were spot on. She turned a complicated process for me into an easy decision. Should my medical needs change, I would not hesitate to use Patient Navigator again.
-- Jack, Westbury, NY

I am an ex-athlete who has become a chronic pain patient thanks to neuralgia of unknown origin. I called Elisabeth when my quality of life got to the point where I desperately needed help dealing with medical and insurance bureaucracy. Without trying to sound dramatic, the truth is that I might not have lived another year had I not found Elisabeth (yes, it really was that bad), and it's not an exaggeration to say that she helped save my life. I dumped everything on her plate - research, appointments, insurance issues - and basically said, "Here, take it all." And amazingly ... she did. When I could no longer deal with my medical issues, she took everything off of my hands - the reduction in stress alone is worth ten times what I've paid her, and through her research, she even found me a surgeon who successfully performed a difficult procedure that only a few surgeons in the world would attempt. If you're suffering from a chronic condition, and things get bad - I mean really, really bad - *do not just give up* - there is hope, and for me, that hope manifested itself in Elisabeth Russell.
-- Richard, Washington, DC

Elisabeth has been very professional. She follows up and makes new suggestions when some doorways close. She was there when I was in crisis last week with very helpful feedback.I am sure that I will be in touch in the future. Thanks so much.
-- Betty, McLean, VA

Patient Navigator Services has helped organize four years of medical records, test results, doctor's reports and dealing with unfair bills that were denied by insurance. They helped us get a $4,000 bill reduced to $500!!!!
-- Patsy, Louisiana

Elisabeth Russell with Patient Navigator has been a tremendous resource for my family. My mother has cancer, is severely anemic, and needs help with basic daily activities. Elisabeth not only suggested several home health organizations to contact, but even how to approach them and what to expect. While getting care at home was my main concern, Elisabeth reminded me to think more broadly. My mother has more options than what her doctors suggest. Her oncologist is pushing for a switch from a second line chemo drug to a third line drug. I understand the push to “fix the numbers” when cancer indicators in blood tests seem to be going the wrong direction. But there’s more to a person than just their blood test scores. To help prepare me for the difficult conversation with my mom’s oncologist about the pros and cons of continuing chemo while taking into account her prognosis, Elisabeth suggested questions to consider and a web-based resource to consult. These days, any patient is just a blur of numbers to many doctors. It has been extremely helpful to get personalized help from Patient Navigator to guide me through the convoluted maze that is healthcare in America today.
-- Sandra, Rockville, MD

I was referred to Patient Navigator by a friend. I am very pleased with this group's professionalism, compassion and thoroughness in doing requested research and delivery of report of clinical trials relevant to my current health profile. Dave Schlosser did the research and provided welcome commentary and supplemental info and links along the way. All good.
-- Sue Knapp , Fayetteville, NY

We are very grateful to Elisabeth Russell and Rick Pugach. Our mother had three insurances (including Medicare) and it basically meant that bills often did not get paid and each insurer blamed the other. With patience and persistence the team at figured it out, saving us a great deal of time and money. I was extremely happy with their services and only wish we had been in touch with them sooner.
-- Alicia Fernandez, Boston

I engaged Patient Navigator to identify a top ranked urologist with extensive practical experience in leading edge robotic methods and latest theoretical knowledge in cancer identification/treatment. Elisabeth and her team also searched medical databases for publications and studies that were most relevant to my circumstances. On both fronts I was completely satisfied. I believe I am now in the best possible care and that the most current medical industry research is being applied in my case. This would not have been the case without Patient Navigator.
-- Ken, Alexandria

I strongly recommend the services of Elisabeth Russell and her team. My mother fell into a black hole in health insurance coverage and Elisabeth helped me save thousands of dollars in medical bills by negotiating with providers and collection agencies. She is dedicated and very caring. Not only did she save me money but she also provided much needed moral support. Elisabeth is now my number-one resource for any medical issues.
-- Carlos, Vienna, VA

Elisabeth and her team have been invaluable to me and my family. Not only did she help us navigate proper care for my wife during her latest siege of chemotherapy, but she has helped me understand the complexities of getting properly covered by applicable insurance--Medicare, Medigap, prescription D, etc. etc. which had been seriously messed up. Thanks to Elisabeth, we are now on the right track on any number of fronts. I highly recommend her and her team to any and all facing difficult medical decisions.
-- Jonathon, Washington, DC

I was pleased with the work of my navigators.They were very good to keep in communication with me during the process.They were able to access and ask questions to providers that would have been difficult for me to do. They were very accommodating when I would make changes to my original requests.I would certainly recommend them.
-- Nancy, Bogart, Georgia

I contacted Elisabeth Russell after my mother was diagnosed with a very rare GI disease and was in ICU getting worse. Doctors were not listening to me or giving an adequate level of care because they didn't understand this rare diagnosis. Continuing to get worse, I was frantic and wouldn't leave her side and really barely had time to research myself to find specialist. I was frantic and within 12 hours, Elisabeth already had more information about this rare disease then any doctor had for weeks. I was able to use it to prove that they needed to work harder, contact other specialist or move her. The information and help was priceless. These are real people and doctors who truly cared and were everything our medical system lacks! I will use them again if ever needed.
-- Gina , Auburn, CA

Elisabeth helped us find the right health insurance policy for our needs, a task that would have been overwhelming for me to do alone. The change in our policy will save us thousands of dollars next year alone. Elisabeth was a pleasure to work with, very efficient, and understood our needs. She also is helping me figure out the best way to organize my numerous medical records. I highly recommend Elisabeth Russell and Patient Navigator.
-- Wati, Mclean, VA

I have insurance through my work (which I assumed was the primary) and also private insurance (which I assumed was secondary). A year or so ago I started getting thousands of dollars worth of bills from my doctors going back a couple of years. Turns out the insurance company I thought was the primary decided it was the secondary and took all the money back it had paid out to doctors. The secondary (now the primary) refused to pay. I was so overwhelmed and stressed I became paralyzed and couldn’t do anything. I called Patient Navigator and Debora Harvey took over. She had the patience and finesse needed to deal with insurance companies, which I do not. She communicated with the 2 insurance companies and worked everything out. I thought I could breathe again. Except, now there is Obamacare – God help us all. I thought I was safe but apparently not. I’m being told by my now primary that my insurance is going to be canceled and I need to get a new policy because of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Guess what – I’m hiring Patient Navigator again to deal with this mess as well!
-- Nancy , Great Falls, VA

I've worked with Elisabeth and her staff on two separate occasions for different chronic pain issues. I found Elisabeth to be extremely knowledgable and helpful in researching and providing information to help me make the best health care decision for me. I would definitely recommend her and her company if you need objective advocacy and information to help deal with any health care problem or decision.
-- Michael , Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

Patient Navigator's Elisabeth Russell was a tremendous resource and someone who was able to 'get it done' when dealing with multiple aspects of the Federal Bureaucracy, researching facilities, applying for new insurance and supporting the family of a loved one who suffered a traumatic brain injury. I highly recommend her/Patient Navigator for patient advocate services.
-- Kristin, Fairfax, VA

I had a wonderful experience working with Elisabeth and Patient Navigator. I had been spending hours of my own time researching Medicare and private insurance options for my mom and kept ending up more and more confused. Working with Elisabeth allowed me to ask and get answers to the complicated questions and have a knowledgeable resource to intelligently guide me through the process. It gave me a lot of peace of mind and relieved stress in an already difficult situation. Highly recommended!
-- April, Falls Church, VA

Words cannot express how fortunate we are that we hired Patient Navigator to advocate on our behalf in dealing with a denial of medical service for our daughter who has Asperger. They were well organized, professional, familiar with medical insurance policies and guidelines, and dedicated in providing the best advice and information possible to ensure a successful outcome. They showed compassion in their work and for our family, they truly cared. Our daughter is being treated at the right hospital now, and she wouldn't be if not for Patient Navigator's help.
-- Mike Fogleman , South Riding

My health insurance was cancelled without valid reasons and Elisabeth began by assisting me with that injustice. However I suffered a serious injury that led to my hospitalization, surgery on both feet and amputation of one of my great toes. The invoices from the hospital and doctors, both during and after hospitalization, combined came close to $50,000. Elisabeth handled negotiations quickly, professionally and forcefully resulting in a 50% discount across the board that I had failed to obtain. I was forced to put those charges on a credit card. Fortunately, as my financial situation reached the breaking point, my Social Security disability claim was suddenly and retroactively approved. Elizabeth's help and expert knowledge with getting my Medicare benefits coverage into effect was indispensable. She also helped me to have the effective date of my Medicare Part B benefits moved back to cover my outpatient charges. I would never have known that was even an option without Elisabeth's knowledge and experience. She has saved me tens of thousands of dollars and most importantly, she provided wonderful personal support and empathy as I struggled to not only heal from my injuries and surgeries but to also deal with my providers. Her support greatly enhanced my self esteem and confidence. I recommend, no, I strongly encourage you to contact her at the earliest possible opportunity if you or a loved one faces challenging medical treatment or billing issues.
-- Stephen Duncan , Damascus, MD

I just can't tell you how much we appreciate everything Debora Harvey of Patient Navigator has done for us. She has tirelessly come over to our home, and painstakingly gone through all the claims, denials, reversals, etc. I was always overwhelmed with the paperwork, and Debora always came with a smile to help sort it out. I could never have done it without her. Because of her time and dedication keeping up with all these EOBs (denials, payments, reversals, partial payments, etc), we clearly had an outline of how Cigna was violating the rules. And it wasn't an empty threat that we were going to file a complaint, because Debora had the spreadsheet that showed everything. We looked like we were going to court the day of that meeting we had so many files.
-- Misty, Arlington, VA

Her staff did excellent research for a family member with a very rare cancer.
-- Dorothy Johnson, Centreville

Elisabeth has been extremely helpful as I search for a medicaid DC or MD nursing home for my dad. She did a great job researching the various homes, calling them to find out their admission policies, etc. This took a lot of the stress off me, since I work full time and have two little kids at home. She is very tech-savvy and sent me very helpful links related to my dad's care. Elisabeth was referred to us by my wife's friend, and she is highly competent and caring. I highly recommend Elisabeth Russell and the Patient Navigator.
-- David , Bethesda, MD

Dr. Karen Zorrilla was incredibly helpful in sorting through innumerable tests my daughter had received through various doctors and putting them together in a coherent fashion. Importantly, she confirmed my concerns over her condition and the need for medical attention. These had been hard to elicit from her various specialists, each of whom was seeing only one piece of the picture. The experience has allowed me to become a much better and articulate medical advocate. Having Karen in my corner was a great blessing under very trying circumstances. I was also very impressed that Elisabeth Russell was very up to date on the particulars of my daughter's case; she genuinely cares about each individual case AdvoConnection deals with.
-- Norah, Washington

Our daughter has chronic pain. Patient Navigators were very thorough and responsive in an attempt to help figure out the puzzle that is our daughter's pain.
-- Judi, Bowie, MD

Not only is Elisabeth extremely knowledgeable and well-versed in dealing with insurance companies and denials of coverage, but she is a wonderful resource and support system for so much more. Elisabeth helped me through a very difficult time dealing with our insurance company denying coverage for my 16 year old son at a residential treatment program. He was far too ill to be removed and thanks to Elisabeth's assistance and expert guidance, the denial was ultimately overturned. I would highly recommend Elisabeth to anyone dealing with the unfortunate and very stressful situation of encountering insurance denials for yourself or a loved one.
-- Karen, Oakton

Debora has been the rock, the advocate, the "bad guy" the facilitator, the geriatric care guru, the referee, the advisor, the closer, the dig in and get it done, the hand holder, the compassionate voice, the technical expert on cancer, trails, treatments and most of all a caring sole who has truly honestly watched over my elderly parents, with honesty and interest.
-- Meg , Falls Church

Debora Harvey has help me throughout obtaining Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and with continuance of my Long-Term disability (private insurance). She has also been of immense help joining me with doctor's visits as I work my way throughout with my heart, stroke and diabetic diseases. Thank you Debora!
-- Robert , Herndon

Elisabeth Russell and Dr. Karen Zorilla have been a real blessing. I was at my wit's end dealing with multiple providers who were unable to determine a correct diagnosis or treatment plan. Patient Navigator did a great job reviewing my records and finding the right specialist for my care. I wish I had used them years ago...I would have saved myself and my employer's health plan a lot of money.
-- Morgan, Fairfax, VA

Looking back, it seems obvious that I had a connective tissue disorder – Torticollis, Scoliosis, coordination problems – yet I brought all of that to specialists in almost every field of medicine and not one of them could figure out what was wrong with me. “There’s nothing wrong with you besides Depression, Fibromyalgia, and too much time on your hands.” Well, Fibromyalgia isn’t progressive and my condition clearly was. I just kept getting worse and worse. I was in a neurological freefall, but only Dr. Zorrilla could figure that out. With Patient Navigator’s assistance, I was finally taken seriously by the medical industry. I quickly got appointments with top specialists who knew what I had and what to do. I was diagnosed just in time as I do have a condition that requires surgical intervention. Karen and Elisabeth helped save my life. I am forever grateful.
-- Debbie, Providence

Our daughter has been ill for the past four and a half years without a diagnosis. She has very complicated medical conditions and we did not know what to do or who to call next as we had been to many doctors and top clinics and not one could diagnose or help her. We then contacted Patient Navigator and have been working with Dr. Zorilla and she has been extraordinarily helpful in researching symptoms, clinics and physicians,and helping us communicate and getting physicians to listen to us. Dr. Zorilla goes above and beyond to make sure nothing is missed. She is a very compassionate person who has made a difference in our lives. I would highly recommend Patient Navigator and Dr. Zorilla very highly.
-- Linda, Chardon

Patient Navigator has been a God send that I wish I would have known about sooner. I truly feel we would have been able to prevent 2 years of frustration and pain for our son. We are now looking at 3 more surgeries if the outcome is favorable after the second surgery. The feelings of frustration, hopelessness, but most importantly that we could have prevented this breaks our hearts. After finding Elisabeth and Karen things moved quickly and efficiently. Numerous questions were answered as well as compassion given through correspondence. These girls went above and beyond the call of duty and you just can't put a price on that!!!! We were given 2 qualified options of places to go for further treatment. Due to time and the amount of travel my son was able to tolerate we chose the closest one. I recently received a phone call from the nurse of our other option who said the Dr. was going through emails and came across the one concerning our son. He wanted to know what had happened to him. I believe the only reason we received that call is because we had Karen Zorrilla working on our behalf. Words can't express how thankful we are for these two ladies!!
-- Vonda, Kearney

My only regret in working with Elisabeth Russell and Karen Zorrilla with Patient Navigators is that I did not find them sooner. It was an answer to prayer to find such knowledgeable, compassionate, articulate, hard working individuals who far surpassed any hope or expectation in every phase of working with them. My daughter 's long complicated health history was summarized, analyzed & researched. Dr. Zorrila's knowledge, wisdom,tireless efforts and expertise provided us with a foundation to make informed choices that we could not have made on our own and I believe resulted in better health care for our daughter. I especially appreciated her help in communicating with other physicians who were impressed with her knowledge and attention to detail. At the same time Dr. Zorrilla's "mother's heart" comforted the heart of this mother throughout a very difficult health journey for my daughter. I am sincerely, forever grateful. Thank you Dr. Zorrilla Patient Navigators!
-- Joyce, Rehoboth

I found Patient Navigators through a magazine article. After calling and setting up an account, I was introduce to Dr. Karen Zorilla who became a professional researcher on my behalf. She contacted physicians and universities all over the US as well as in Europe, searched data bases, read countless cutting edge research papers and articles and ultimately found a hopeful treatment for me available in Europe. She was much more than a navigator. She was an advocate and in the end a specialist working on my behalf. Thank you Elizabeth and Karen.
-- Linda, Albuquerque, NM

Advice that we got in our initial consultation and follow up emails supported a ruling that reinstated our insurance - more than $200,000 value!
-- Susan, Pacific Palisades, CA

I contacted Patient Navigator after i have been to countless doctors with no medical diagnosis after contacting Dr. Zorrilla,she was the first dr I have came across that took me seriously that something was wrong. She went far beyond what i was expecting.She is a truly honest and careing woman who is presisted and delegent her research,trying to make since of my complicated medical condition.I today gave my primary dr the information she researshed and clinical summary of my medical situation.My doctor was severly inpressed with how complete the informmation was.My primary dr is now following up with what test she recomended.I firmly believe that because of Dr.Zorrilla today was the first day on the road to a diagnosis.I can never thank her enough for how much she has done for me.I highly recomend her to anyone who has a medical mystery,because finally after 4 years of frustration with doctors,I finally have a voice and being heard all thanks to Dr.Zorrilla
-- Scott, Peoria, IL

Elisabeth and Debora were amazing! They guided us every step of the way through the very difficult process of what to do about care for my grandmother. They have a wealth of knowledge and expertise and provided it in a loving, caring way. Their help was invaluable and continued to benefit us many months down the road. We know we couldn't have managed this situation without them.
-- Heather , Oakton, VA

The name says it all. We were simply overwhelmed by our Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) diagnosis. Elizabeth helped us find a sense of direction that was invaluable.
-- Bill , Coventry

Elisabeth from Patient Navigator was a great help to me. I am so grateful that I emailed her for help. The stress of a cancer diagnosis and all the decisions that follow are overwhelming. She was able to send me great resources on the web and she helped facilitate a second opinion from a top doctor in regards to treatment. Elizabeth and the patient navigator team were a great source of comfort and help. My stress level went way down when they came on board. I continue to be comforted by the fact that I know I can contact her again in the future if need be. Having an independent advocate meant the world to my process.
-- Janine , Petaluma

Elisabeth Russell's ability to navigate the complex and frustrating medical system is a literal life saver. Many months ago, too physically ill from a history of digestive challenges and multiple surgeries and too mentally overwhelmed to sort out the necessary steps required by our health system to obtain care, I gave up. I gave up hope of ever finding relief of the physical pain or ever improving my health condition. I contacted Elisabeth Russell of Patient Navigator as a desperate attempt for assistance. It worked. Due to Ms. Russell's passionate dedication and deliberate action, I am now getting the lifesaving treatments I need. Hope restored. Thank you Patient Navigator for your time, persistance, "know how" and most of all your compassion.
-- Amirra , Scottsdale, AZ

After months and months of being lost, with poor health, not knowing how to help myself, my mother helped me and I visited doctors. But I needed someone who was more familiar with my ailment. Elisabeth Russell has provided me with extremely powerful tools and guidance to a series of programs and doctors. I am in debt. Thank you.
-- Annette, Temecula, CA

Patient Navigator was a big help with my friend who has MS. She is suffering physically and financially, and they helped us find resources that may help her.
-- Sherri, Portland, OR

My family and I have had the pleasure of working with Elisabeth for the past 3 months on behalf of my brother, Marty Acierno. Marty has a very heartbreaking condition, and we have had continual struggles within the healthcare system, that I don't believe we could have managed without Elisabeth's assistance. She continues to help guide us through the healthcare maze with caring compassion and the knowledge required to make the right decisions for the best possible outcome. I would enthusiastically recommend Elisabeth to anyone dealing with a family healthcare crisis.
-- Cheryl, Denver, CO

If you are struggling with a serious illness, call Elisabeth Russell. This will be the only call you need to make. Elisabeth is amazing, truly a godsend. She is a tireless professional, who can navigate through very rocky situations. She is a warm, compassionate person. I would unequivocally recommend Elisabeth Russell and Patient Navigator.
-- Joan, New York

My husband needs elective surgery which could potentially keep him out of work for a number of months. Based on the start date of his short-term disability insurance, we had questions about whether this would be considered a pre-existing condition and not covered. I needed to gather information from the insurance company. However, I was concerned that I might say the wrong thing and jeopardize his disability benefits. The representatives from Patient Navigator contacted the insurance company directly, gathered the needed information confidentially, and provided guidance to us on what our options were in timing the surgery. Elisabeth Russell and her team have been an invaluable resource in helping us make informed decisions regarding my husband’s care.
-- Amy, Hatfield

Ms. Russell and her assistant were very helpful to me. They listened well to my needs and tailored an approach to put me in touch with healthcare providers who specialize in the treatment I am looking for. I would definitely use their service again.
-- Maurie, Oviedo

My experience has been excellent. They came back with a full proposal filled with recommendations of how to address my health issue. The follow-up has also been prompt and thoughtful. I truly appreciated all the assistance they provided.
-- Janet, Lake Oswego

A friend led me to Elisabeth Russell's website. Elisabeth was professional and personable when we spoke on the phone. My question concerned Choroidal Neo Vascularization, CNV, secondary to pathological myopia. I wondered if research was being done somewhere in the world that might help save my daughter's eyesight. My answer came in the form of an email from a professional in the United Arab Emirates. Although there is no treatment other than what my daughter receives in the U.S., this type of global connection is invaluable. I will certainly recommend Elisabeth Russell to anyone I know who needs medical guidance. Her concern for our predicament proved her work is not strictly professional, but personal, as well.
-- Karen, Winslow

I contacted Patient Navigator shortly after my mother was diagnosed with dementia. The learning curve felt very steep, and I was looking for guidance and assistance from a knowledgeable professional who'd been through the process before. Elisabeth at Patient Navigator helped me tremendously; she supplied me with practical advice, resources, and referrals. But, perhaps more importantly, she gave me confidence and assurance that I was doing everything possible to help my mom. Thank you, Patient Navigator!
-- Helen, Manhattan Beach

In the case of the injury of my wife, I contacted Elisabeth Russell from Patient Navigator for help in dealing with the insurance company, the nursing home, and other medical suppliers. Elisabeth has been extremely helpful to us via her understanding of the claim and appeal processes, contacts with various organizations and doctors, obtaining relevant documentation, and negotiating pricing and special request. All of this for a very reasonable fee. I will use her services in the future as needed.
-- Moshe, Hastings-Hudson, NY

Debora has been indispensable in my healthcare struggles. Most remarkably, she successfully spearheaded what seemed like a hopeless insurance appeal worth 10's of 1000's of dollars. I enthusiastically recommend having this tenacious and reliable professional in your corner.
-- Nickolai, New Brunswick, NJ

Prompt, attentive, supportive, insightful, compassionate, resourceful, tenacious. Encouraging, realistic, gets the bigger issues in life. Able to help me try to figure out and navigate through our nation's murky healthcare system.
-- Naomi , Louisville

Patient Navigator's services were recommended to me by a friend who recently lost her mother after a long illness and their service more than lived up to this positive reputation. Ms. Russell was extraordinarily helpful and knowledgeable during the ten-month period of my father's final illness from cancer. She related well to us on both a personal and professional level and was very reassuring. She was able to provide excellent information and resources and was unfailingly kind and thoughtful. It was great to know that she could draw on the skills and technical knowledge of others in her network, which really extended and amplified the knowledge she shared with us. We were fortunate to benefit from her expertise and compassion during this difficult time. It made a huge difference to know that we had someone who could help us deal with unfamiliar and often challenging issues. I would recommend Ms. Russell and Patient Navigator very highly.
-- Peg, Falls Church, VA

Elisabeth is wonderful, compassionate, and a real whiz at making the right connections at the right time. Thank you for everything!
-- Linda , Vienna, VA

I needed to find a Medigap Plan and drug plan after I lost private insurance through retirement. Ms Russell guided me through the various options, and with her help I made considered choices. Without her help I would have been guided only by the promotions of the companies themselves and left to guessing which was best for me. Ms Russell was a great help.
-- Frank, Rockville, MD

Ms Russell has been an invaluable support and resource is getting me through the tangles of the American health care system. She was there for me when a chronic painful illness had me worn out and unable to stand up for myself. Her team tackled the tedious tasks, like dealing with my insurance company. They have been holding my hand and keeping my head above water. I highly recommend their services for any of your health care needs.
-- Joy, DC / Baltimore

Elisabeth and her colleagues have been a huge help during my 5 year journey with advanced breast cancer. They are professional and empathetic and have helped me find specialists and treatment options. They also send me updates on information they find about relevant medication/treatment. I will continue to work with them until the cure is found.
-- Karen, Alexandria, VA

Elisabeth Russell and Debora Harvey at Patient Navigator are life savers. They helped me through one of the most difficult times in my life in caring for my aunt. Patient Navigator provided expert help in all stages: diagnosis and treatment, facilities including hospitals and nursing homes, insurance, bills, and counseling. I am deeply grateful for all of their assistance and highly recommend their services.
-- Carol, Washington, DC



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