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Severino Health Advisors LLC
Susan Severino

Harrisburg PA

We empower our clients in central Pennsylvania to get the answers they need to solve their health-related problems.
Severino Health Advisors LLC
Susan Severino

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Health Advocate's Code of Conduct

Alliance of Professional Health Advocates

CSA (Certified Senior Advisor)


Services we offer:
  • Background Research: Diagnosis, Medical Records, Treatment Options and more
  • Geriatric / Eldercare or Home Health Services
  • Hospital Bedside, or Travel / Accompaniment to Appointments
  • Mediation (Helping families manage health-related disagreements)
  • Medical / Navigational Assistance (Helping you work with your medical providers.)
  • Prevention (Prescription Drug Review, Health/Wellness Coaching, Weight Loss, Immunity, Others)
  • Legal medical consulting/malpractice review

As a private, independent, health advocate with over 30 years of healthcare experience, Severino Health Advisors can provide the assistance that is needed to manage clients’ multiple health challenges, to act as a "surrogate" for elder needs, and to provide up-to-date research on the latest recommendations for treatment of complex medical conditions. In addition, we can organize and summarize the medical records, assist in obtaining appropriate treatment plans, prevent medication errors, and provide an improved quality of life for the client and their caregivers.



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